Internships, Work, and Other Experience

For my Subsidiary Rights Internship at Jane Rotrosen Agency, I created, formatted, and copyedited the Frontlist and Indie Rights Guides for the 2020 London Book Fair and designed layouts using InDesign to showcase JRA’s upcoming titles. Some of my other tasks include scheduling and compiling notes for publisher meetings, communicating with authors and publishers about marketing and contracts, reading Frontlist titles and submissions and writing reader’s reports, and updating foreign contracts in Atlas and BAITS.

During my time as Editorial Assistant at, I got to write reviews for upcoming books of all genres as well as edit and publish reviews on the BookTrib website. I also created newsletters and columns to advertise upcoming books, researched authors and other data for author profiles on the website, and designed feature images using Photoshop and Canva.

Check out one of my book reviews here.

My role as a Fiction Intern at JuxtaProse Literary Magazine entailed reading short stories and providing comments on whether or not JuxtaProse should accept them. I took part in weekly virtual meetings with the fiction team to discuss the week’s stories, invited authors to submit to the magazine, and copyedited accepted stories.

As an Education Intern for the Hartford Symphony Orchestra, I have published pieces of writing in HSO publications Quarter Notes and Prelude. I also worked on devising teacher guides complete with repertoire and curriculum for HSO Discovery Concerts for elementary schools, developing and running kids projects for the 2018 Talcott Mountain Music Festival, and working at the Instrument Petting Zoo set up there. I also researched school and community venue contacts for future HSO engagement.

Prior to this, I was a Library Projects Assistant at Smith College for two years. This was my favorite position that I held at Smith because it allowed me to hear directly from the students about what they were looking for from the library and gave me the power to actually affect change. I coordinated with other departments to organize and run events, conducted interviews and published findings in a blog on Smith’s KnowledgeLab website, researched library equipment and technology and presented my plan of purchase, designed signage for the library, used and trained others on the vinyl cutter, and contributed photography and campus information to the SmithScape app.

Check out my blog posts on the KnowledgeLab’s website here.

I was honored to help my close friend Zoe Rose Kriegler-Wenk, writer and director of the brilliant one-act play Mothering Her Memories, make her vision become a reality during my last semester at Smith. In my role as Music Director, I corresponded with students, professors, and community members about musicianship, coached actors on singing portions of the script, collaborated with director and composer on musical decisions, mapped out musical transitions and cues, and attended production meetings and rehearsals and reported on the week’s progress.

My favorite musical memories at Smith came from my time with my a cappella group, the Noteables. I joined the group my very first semester and became Musical Director at the end of my Sophomore year until my graduation two years later. In this leadership position, I arranged the majority of the group’s repertoire, planned and lead rehearsals, lead (pitched) songs during performances, facilitated auditions and callbacks, and scheduled and organized events.

Learn more about the Noteables on my Music Projects page!

During my internship with Teacup Music, a Brooklyn-based early education music summer camp, I developed a 12-week curriculum for the fall music class, devised a curriculum and taught a lesson in piano and songwriting, managed concerts at Park Church Coop, tabled at the weekly local farmer’s market, designed and distributed the fall class flyer, and ran crafts and singalong at pop up events.

As an intern at Alice James Books, a publishing house in Farmington, Maine that specializes in poetry, I researched and consolidated titles for the AJB catalog, created galleys from manuscripts, created tip sheets and press kits, designed advertisements, inputted information into the AJB app, screened submitted manuscripts, and developed a personal marketing project for an upcoming title.

Check out my personal marketing project here.

As a writer for The Odyssey Online, I wrote 500-800-word articles each week. I used social media to share and promote my writing, considered current events as well as personal interests, wrote with an audience of young adults in mind, and met a regular deadline, which served as my first professional writing experience.

Check out one of my articles, Why Kindness Counts, here.

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